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你可能会问,什么是MG动画?MG动画,就是Motion Graphics Animation的简称,翻译成中文就是“运动图形动画“。和传统的Animation不同,Animation是透过塑造角色,从而来讲述一段故事。而MG动画则是通过将文字、图片等信息“动画化”,达到更好的信息传递效果。另外,MG动画不强调构图,不注重细节(光暗、透视、质感等),所以制作起来会容易很多。















如今,越来越多的企业、机构和个人选择使用MG动画来传达信息和推广品牌。如果您也需要制作MG动画,可以考虑和BINGYEN STUDIO合作。


The 6 Benefits of Creating Motion Graphics Animation Videos

Today, we're going to talk about the six benefits of creating motion graphics animation (MG animation) videos.

You may be wondering, what is MG animation? MG animation is short for Motion Graphics Animation, which refers to the animation of text, images, and other information to achieve better communication of messages. Unlike traditional animation, which tells a story by shaping characters, MG animation emphasizes the animation of information, and does not focus on composition or details such as lighting, perspective, or texture, making it easier to create.

So, what are the benefits of creating MG animation? Let's take a closer look:

1)Vivid Display:

MG animation often features sound effects, animations, and exaggerated facial expressions, which provide a visual impact that makes the story more vivid and memorable.

2)Simplification of Complex Information:

MG animation is ideal for presenting complex information, such as scientific principles, historical events, and professional terminology, making it easier for viewers to understand and grasp these concepts. For example, explaining the Big Bang would be difficult to achieve with live-action footage, but it can be easily achieved through MG animation.

3)Simplified Production:

Compared to traditional animation and 3D animation, MG animation is simpler to create. The objects in MG animation are generally flat and simplified, and do not emphasize perspective or three-dimensional relationships.

4)Cost Savings:

There is no need to hire real actors or rent expensive locations. All the elements required for MG animation can be created through animation. In general, creating MG animation is much cheaper than live-action footage. Producers can complete the production process on a computer, reducing the need for physical props and locations.

5)Flexible Adjustments:

Unexpected events, such as actors getting sick or sudden rainfall, can prevent filming from taking place. Traditional filming may face many risks and uncontrollable factors. However, everything in MG animation is done on a computer, and changing "actors" or "scenes" is easy. During the production process, MG animation can be modified and adjusted at any time without worrying about unexpected situations.

6)Broader Audience:

Animation is suitable for all ages and demographics. There are no boundaries to the audience for MG animation.

In conclusion, more and more businesses, organizations, and individuals are choosing MG animation to convey information and promote brands. If you need to create MG animation, consider working with BINGYEN STUDIO. We provide one-stop audio and video production services, from creative planning to post-production, and can help you easily create high-quality MG animation videos.

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