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YouTube每月拥有超过10亿独立访客,每天使用者超过3000万。YouTube CEO Susan曾表示,每分钟上传的视频总长度达到400小时。如何在这庞大的平台上突出自己的YouTube频道,吸引订阅者并持续吸引观众?


  1. 信息优化: 视频的基本信息包括文件名、标题、描述和标签。这些信息能够帮助YouTube确定你的视频内容与用户搜索的相关性,并帮助用户判断视频是否符合他们的需求。标题尤为重要,要吸引目标观众点击视频并使用特定关键字。如果频道有系列内容,标题的一致性有助于提高相关性,让算法自动推荐你的其他视频。

  2. 高清视频: 随着技术发展,YouTube倡导提供高质量的视频。研究表明,排名在第一页的大多数视频都是全高清视频。

  3. 视频长度: 排名在第一页的视频平均长度约为15分钟。视频长度影响排名,YouTube希望提供有足够吸引力的视频,使观众停留时间增加。

  4. 用户参与度: 用户参与度包括观看次数、喜欢/不喜欢次数、分享次数、留言数等。第一页的视频通常具有较高的用户参与度。

  5. 频道参与度: 频道的订阅人数和观看后订阅人数也影响排名。即使订阅人数不是最多的,也有机会在搜索结果第一页中出现。

  6. 优化视频元素: 包括缩略图、CTA、外部链接以及创建播放列表。缩略图应清晰,使用鲜艳颜色,CTA可以在视频中间或结尾,鼓励分享和互动。创建播放列表有助于提高观众停留时间。



6 Methods to Optimize YouTube Video Search Engine Ranking

YouTube attracts over one billion unique visitors every month, with more than 30 million users daily. YouTube's CEO, Susan, once mentioned that the total length of videos uploaded to the platform adds up to 400 hours per minute. So, how can your YouTube channel stand out and attract subscribers, making viewers keep coming back for more?

This article will guide you through six methods to effectively optimize your YouTube videos for search engine rankings, ensuring your videos appear on the first page of search results.

1)Optimize Basic Information:

Basic video information includes file name, title, description, and tags. Similar to regular search engines, this data helps YouTube determine the relevance of your video content to user searches, and assists viewers in quickly assessing whether your video fulfills their needs. Titles are especially important; they must entice your target audience to click on your video and incorporate specific keywords. Consistency in titles is crucial for channel series, signaling to algorithms the high relevance of your channel's content. This subsequently leads to automatic recommendations of your other videos to viewers.

2)Video Quality:

As technology advances, YouTube emphasizes providing high-quality videos. Research indicates that a significant majority of videos ranking on the first page are in full HD.

3)Video Length:

Videos ranking on the first page typically have an average length of around 15 minutes. Video length plays a role in search rankings, as YouTube aims to offer content that keeps viewers engaged for longer periods.

4)User Engagement:

User engagement encompasses metrics such as view counts, likes/dislikes, shares, comments, and return visits. Videos on the first page generally exhibit higher user engagement across these dimensions.

5)Channel Engagement:

User engagement with your channel, including subscription counts and subscriptions garnered after video views, also impacts YouTube's ranking. Even channels with fewer subscribers have the potential to appear on the first page of search results if they cater well to a niche market. Additionally, new subscribers and recently uploaded content confer advantages in search rankings.

6)Optimize Video Elements:

This includes thumbnails, calls-to-action (CTAs), external links, and creating playlists. Thumbnails should be clear and employ vibrant colors, while CTAs can be strategically placed in the middle or end of videos to encourage sharing and interaction. Developing playlists after around 10 videos allows viewers to explore content based on different themes, increasing their time spent on your channel and enhancing their understanding of your content.

Before diving into optimization, gaining insights into competitors' video content, themes, lengths, engagement metrics, keywords, titles, and thumbnails is essential. Managing a YouTube channel is akin to running a blog; understanding your target audience and consistently producing high-quality content are keys to attracting repeated visits. Unlike other social media, YouTube videos have a more enduring presence, with only around 20% of the total traffic flooding in on the day of publication.

Optimizing YouTube video search engine rankings sets your content apart in the vast sea of videos, keeping viewers engaged and increasing your impact over time.

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