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照片直播 (photo livestreaming),是指摄影师将拍好的照片,实时上传到网络传播,达到快速宣传的效果。












BINGYEN STUDIO 斌彦创作室,是马来西亚首家提供照片直播服务的影片制作公司。我们提供专业的活动摄影,只要5分钟,就能让你马上拿到优质的活动照片。



马上联系BINGYEN STUDIO,让你的活动被世界看见!

Photo livestreaming: Boost your event promotion with minimal cost!

Hey bosses, you've spent months preparing for an event, paying expensive venue rentals, inviting important guests and famous influencers, and hiring professional photographers to capture the moment. You even set up background boards for guests to take photos. You thought all the money spent would guarantee great publicity for your event, but it turns out that no one is sharing it on social media.

Typically, photographers take a week to edit the photos before sending them to you. By the time you post them on social media, the hype is over, and few people want to share them.

This is a common problem for event organizers, but with "photo livestreaming," you can solve this pain point completely.

Photo livestreaming is the service where photographers upload their shots in real-time, giving you quick promotion results.

What are the advantages of photo livestreaming?

1. Fast sharing:

Every guest can quickly browse high-quality photos via QR code within 5 minutes after taking the photo and share it on their social media.

2. Rich in features:

You can include event introductions, program processes, product information, and promotional videos on the photo livestreaming platform, giving guests a deeper understanding of your event. You can also add event watermarks to each photo, increasing the promotion's strength.

3. Real-time projection:

The photo livestreaming platform can automatically generate a slideshow that you can project on the event screen for guest viewing, increasing interaction with them.

4. Real-time adjustment:

You can monitor the photos on-site and communicate with the photographer to make any necessary adjustments, such as taking additional shots.

5. Quick delivery:

You can receive all the high-quality event photos immediately after the event. Some photo livestreaming platforms even provide AI editing or quick editing services to ensure you get high-quality event photos.

BINGYEN STUDIO is Malaysia's first video production company to provide photo livestreaming services. We offer professional event photography that can deliver high-quality event photos within 5 minutes.

Whether it's a product launch, lecture, wedding, birthday party, or any other event, photo livestreaming is a practical service that can promote your event with minimal cost and ensure guests get their photos quickly, leaving them with happy memories.

Contact BINGYEN STUDIO now and let the world see your event!

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